NYX about to move?

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  1. 50 is about to cross the 100. Price is meeting with the 200. Support is holding, all signs point to a big move soon.
    1 or 2 weeks. Major Trend is @ 78 range.
    Just a prediction :).
  2. I've been noticing the support this stock has had this past week (especially the beginning). Over the past couple months, any weakness would bring it down but it seems like its bottomed at this point. Like you said, major support at $78, which is a point that I think alot of people are waiting for to buy-in.
  3. Yep. I've been watching the volume closely. If there is a big volume change i will buy in and ride this into the resistance: 95
  4. There's the move, 4+ point today on high volume.
  5. already moving ... looking to short mid 90's
  6. Another 4% move today! Woo! This stock makes me feel good.
  7. It's nice to see nyx bounce off the lows in the low 80's ... should meet some resistance at 95. We'll keep tabs.
  8. Cramer is on Mad Money now stating that NYX is going to go above 110 because of the Euronext deal.

    In the past, Cramer seems to have moved this stock. Lets see what happens next. . .
  9. Check out the chart. Cup formed when it bounced off the 50% retracement. I say a bounce off resistance somewhere around 95 and then pullback a few dollars. Then move forward about 10 bucks to around 100.

    Im not sure if the Cramer bump tonight will invalidate this thesis. In any event, I see 100 in the future. Ideally there should be a pullback to form a handle on that cup.
  10. Hey, Michael. Do you have to pay for those charts?
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