NYX a buy.

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  1. I believe this company's bottom is 95.40, if it gets in this range i believe it's a great buy. Top, 110. If it can break pass 110 i believe it can rally towards the high 120's. This stock is a falling knife right now, but i believe it will stop in the range I've given.

    This is just my prediction, lets see if it can happen.
  2. The stock is on theREGSHOlist. ANything can happen. Look at NFI. They will manipulate the stock as low as they can to cover the fails, maybe.

    Be very careful. It's a great trade, but to trust these guys to do the right thing overnight or for a swing can be deadly.
  3. Hey I am new to this, what is the significance of having a company on SHOLIST.
  4. Yep. This stock can easily dip to 91, this is just a prediction. I would like to see how close i come. BTW. My second pick is CRAY. Bottom 11, resistance 13.5. It recently has had a sell off on no news. I believe it has been oversold @11, buy @ 11.2 on strength and ride it to 13. It's @ 11.59 right now if it doesn't fall below 11 i would buy @ 11.8/12.
    These are all predictions.
  5. The current channel on the chart dictates between 95-110. However, I would not depend on it going over 110. In fact, I would make my threshold 105 and may even cash out sooner if I saw it turning around.

    The conference call is scheduled for Feb 2nd. Since this stock has been overhyped in the media, expectations are high. The slightest amount of bad news might send the stock down. In fact, I highly suspect Jim Cramer is the main reason why the stock is at this level. Everytime Mr. Cramer mentions NYX, then there is a sudden surge in volume and a terrific price swing. I could be mistaken on that correlation, however. . .

    Personally, I would trade this equity cautiously as we near the conference call and wouldnt count on it going higher then 110. You dont want a short-term trade turning into a longer term investment.

    My sentiment is cautious on NYX at the current time.

    Dr. Michael Roberts