NYtimes article hammering cramer

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    was far too kind to him...
  2. Way to easy on him, but they do point out they have a content sharing agreement with CNBC, so they probably can't tell too much of the truth. It's cheaper for them to leach off CNBC than hire a couple of their own reporters.
  3. "Fox Business Network, sensing an opportunity to tweak CNBC, has developed print and broadcast ads that take ripe aim at Mr. Cramer, saying, “The last thing you need is bad advice. The last thing you need is Jim Cramer.” To add insult to injury, Fox bought local time on CNBC — beating up Mr. Cramer on his own network. "

    Gotta love CNBC allowing a commercial for fox against Cramer, too funny. :p
  4. The article did not mention, CNBC's response to Fox's attack.

    CNBC's response was to run a series of promotional spots, with In Cramer We Trust.

    Cramer may well be the complete moron that he appears to be, but from my view, it took a bigger moron than Cramer to come up with that response.

    CNBC ought to put its money where its mouth is.

    Put one of those stupid-ass unscientific polls on their website, to see how many viewers trust Cramer or any other the professional yappers on CNBC for that matter.
  5. This is funny. If I expected any honesty out of the media, I would demand CNBC post their corporate stock holdings, to prove that they do trust Cramer in their own trading. Fat chance.
  6. I like Cramer, I don't follow any of his stock picking advice. but he does have a point....every now and then
    Kudlow and the power lunch crew annoy me BIG TIME.
  7. You would. Let's see. You like Crames, O'Bama, Biden............. Probably big on
    Bill and Bernadette Ayers, too.
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    Cramer is an entertainer, just like Limbaugh used to be before I got sick listening to him.
  9. Pull your head out and get real.

    I'm a registered Republican and Kudlow annoys me!
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