NYT:Reactor #4 on fire, spent fuel rods burn, worst case scenario:134,000 deaths

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  1. Even as workers race to prevent the radioactive cores of the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan from melting down, concerns are growing that nearby pools holding spent fuel rods could pose an even greater danger.

    It estimated 100 quick deaths would occur within a range of 500 miles and 138,000 eventual deaths.

    The study also found that land over 2,170 miles would be contaminated and damages would hit $546 billion.

    That section of the Brookhaven study focused on boiling water reactors — the kind at the heart of the Japanese crisis.


    Radiation level soars after Japan nuke plant fire

    Japanese officials told the International Atomic Energy Agency that the reactor fire was in a storage pond and that "radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere." Long after the fire was extinguished, a Japanese official said the pool, where used nuclear fuel is kept cool, might be boiling.

    "We cannot deny the possibility of water boiling" in the pool, said Hidehiko Nishiyama, an official with the economy ministry, which oversees nuclear safety.

    That reactor, Unit 4, had been shut down before the quake for maintenance.
  2. Minister jsut gave a press conference, only external fire put out, internally no
  3. Think they're lying? Oh yeah. It's a government. Of course they are.

    Two days ago there wasn't a problem. Now, there's a problem. Duh.
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    Maintaining the appearance that all is well is part of the culture over there.
  5. Eventually 138,000 dead. "Eventually" it's 100% of everyone is dead.

    The newsman is just printing money.

    This is all nonsense. It's serious, and there will be, perhaps, 20 dead of radiation in 2011. *The flood* will end up, literally, being a thousand times worse.
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    Actually no it's not, very detailed information was given frequently about what was done. The western media is just plain clueless.

    What would happen in the US? PANIC PANIC PANIC, the world is ending so let's start looting and killing each other!
    I much prefer the japanese approach.

    I've familiarized myself with the problems at the plant, it was definitely a problem but 134 000 deaths caused by radiation is impossible. The main containment was never breached.
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    i disagree...even the japanese will start to question WTF is really going on. The Markets worldwide are indicating that they may have been trying to cover up the full scale of things. If not it would not have been taken by surprise...just my opinion...

    besides it is in any Governments best interest to LIE when it is something of this scale which can cause PANIC...which is totally understandable to some extent.
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    Well, this was panic selling and I'm using it as a big buying opportunity. The markets just needed a catalyst to start selling, maybe people were reminded to have a bit of fear in the light of the recent linear uptrend. What was this cover-up you told me, what did they hide? All the information from the plant they have given coincides with the events nearby.