NYT: In Global Battle on AIDS, Bush Creates Legacy

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  1. So far, roughly 1.4 million AIDS patients have received lifesaving medicine paid for with American dollars, up from 50,000 before the initiative. Even Mr. Bush’s most ardent foes, among them Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, his 2004 Democratic challenger, find it difficult to argue with the numbers.

    “It’s a good thing that he wanted to spend the money,” said Mr. Kerry, an early proponent of legislation similar to the plan Mr. Bush adopted. “I think it represents a tremendous accomplishment for the country.”


  2. I also like what Bush did with daylight savings time.

    Too bad he fucked up everything else.
  3. God's ultimate irony.

    Bush only standing legacy : Helping poor promiscuous Black people in Africa
  4. That's quite a lot of ignorance to pack into one sentence. In fact, there are large issues with rape and ethnic cleansing. Additionally, children who are born HIV positive are not "promiscuous."

    There's no question that Bush's advocacy of funding is a good thing, but if that's all his legacy is, that's very sad and it doesn't offset the deaths that's caused.
  5. Nope, it's not ignorant, it's politically incorrect but sadly TRUE.
    All things being equal, Niger and Mali, much poorer than South Africa for ex, have much less of a problem because of stricter social norms.

    I'll "concede" the first 10,000 HIV positive babies to ignorance....and then WHAT, how long does it take these people to learn that you should refrain / protect yourself in case you're infected.

    Monogamous cultures don't have this problem. Unfortunately, I'll have to say aloud what other whisper. it's something they brought upon themselves.

    Just the facts.

    oh and yes Bush did well funding these programs. The American people are generous and well intentioned. the problem runs deeper, can't be solved with money alone

  6. why is stating the obvious "racist".

    Yes, Africans are very promiscuous.

    The primary reason for death in Black 18 - 35 South African is A I D S

    They have a very difficult time zipping it up.
  7. Despite a good portion of the Bush's admins aid to involved NGO's being tied to refusing to teach safe sex or recommend/supply condoms.
  8. Forever if the woman of the family can't afford a condom, (their income average $2 a day) or if no one has told them what the disease is or how to prevent it. Or local myths regarding condoms. Or white (or black) religious leaders telling them that birth control is immoral. As well, zero access to treatment.

    Only recently, for example, has South Africa started education on AIDS and now that condoms are being distributed in Uganda, for example, incidence has declined from 13% to 4.1% since 2003.

    Wow, that's quite shocking, offensive, and once again, ignorant. Your lack of knowledge of South Africa, for example, that it is a "monogamous culture" would be incredibly offensive to, well frankly, anyone from that country.

    The Republicans, under Reagan, withdrew all US aid for "health organizations for the promotion of birth control or abortion.” The U.S. then withdrew funding from the UN Fund for Population Activities and the International Planned Parenthood Federation which obviously did not improve the situation during the initial period where prevention would have been most useful.
  9. This is may be the most truthful article I ever read on Africa's sad state and what NOT to do about it. That's my judgment, you cannot help people who won't help themselves.

    I've been watching for 25 years, pictures of helpless hopeless Black people who need my credit card number. I've reached saturation point.

    Any international help should be accompanied with strict demographic growth conditions. Literally, cover up or stop fucking or we won't give you a cent.
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