Discussion in 'Trading' started by boxcar, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. boxcar


    I don't understand why some of you guys trade NYSE over Nasdaq... what's the advantage?

    I'm not picking a fight, I just don't know what's better about trading with specialists. Since many of you seem to trade it pretty much exclusively, then I'm missing something and I'd like to know what the scoop is.
  2. I think it all depends on what strategies you trade, etc. I prefer NYSE cause they are trendier, and not so whippy. But i know many people that prefer Nasdaq because it works better for what they do.. If it comes down to fills, i think they both are the same. I enjoy price improvements with NYSE that i never got with nasdaq.
  3. I prefer trading a stock that has some real underlying value. Certainly some NASDAQ stocks could trade on NYSE and some NYSE stocks are garbage, but that preference has pushed me to some of the more liquid NYSE stocks.
  4. specialists = bad business sometimes.. pfffft
  5. Mecro


    If you trade with the specialist instead of against him and stay off his radar, you can make some good and consistent money with NYSE.

    Naz has the huge volatility that NYSE lacks but at quite a risky price. It must be tough to be consistent with Naz.

    Just the whole risk of having a stock dissapear down to 0 is pretty crazy.