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    how does one become employed on the NYSE floor??? is it strictly through connections or is it possibly for person to be hired from experience and past performance???
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  3. I have seen a few poor blacks and hispanics sweeping up the floor after the session is over.
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    wow youre about as funny as you are successful at trading...
  5. Have you always been so quick witted?
  6. Yes.

    After all, Jesse Jackson said something about the US Financial system being built on the backs or graves of blacks, the very day he rang the bell.

    So I guess that makes it so.

    I would concur, I mean really so, with the above: connections.

    Tenacity might help make up for lack of that.
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    you should ask yourself the same question however i have a more important one... have you always been this racist???
  8. Back to the question. Yes you could get a job as clerk for $200 a week from most of the clearing houses just look in the paper or some of there web sites. The other way is get a good pair of knee pads and learn to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. This will get you ready for the social promotion that goes on in these places.
  9. Interesting, you see racism???

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    thats a huge step down from what i was/am currently making, however would it be worth it for something more rewarding in the long run???
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