NYSE will be closed on Tuesday (confirmed)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hajimow, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. hajimow


    Just heard on TV. They are hoping to open the market on Wednesday.
  2. are you kidding? what a bunch of wankers. fire duncan nedierwhatever..
  3. Well at least another day to relax and slack. Think about it you can take off and enjoy the day without having to worry about missing an opportunity**. :D

    ** I feel bad for those who are short and need to cover.
  4. CET


    Unless something major changes with the storm's path lower Manhattan will be under water from the storm surge. The subways should be a major disaster with all that salt water. I also see the boom on a high rise crane just collapsed in NYC from the winds, and they aren't close to peak conditions. Keep in mind that the wind speed reported is at or near ground level. The speed is much higher as you increase elevation. Those buildings in NYC will probably lose many windows.
  5. 1) It's almost reminiscent of when the CBOT had the tunnel flooding which closed the building for a couple of days.......during an option expiration week! :eek:
    2) Those who were "long" premium "suffered" badly. :( :mad:
  6. The windows will be fine, but subways might get flooded. I really hope that does not happen.
  7. WD40


    there will be too much infrastructure damage to open the market on wednesday. the subway will have to be pumped out, the fallen trees blocking the road, the powerline down, the flood water will still be sitting everywhere.

    try friday.
  8. asap


    what your take on the ES when CME reopens?

    i am able to add positions OTC and currently the future is trading just 5 handles below the friday's close?

    what say you?
  9. The ES has been halted for 5 hours or so.
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    Hae? :) Where is the logic therein?
    IMO the short guys will gain big and the long guys will lose much, isn't it?
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