NYSE vs. Nasdq

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  1. what in everyones opinion is the more fertile environment for trading, its been said that nyse is less risky etc, and that prop firms favor trading on nyse, but then i hear lots of bitching about specialists etc, so what are pros and cons.........ive never traded equities, but will soon start......my trading career has been entrley in fx......other than some futures position trading in college.....any insight would be appreciated........:D :D :D
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    The only thing I like about NYSE is that I can do size, as long as I am willing to pay up. Nasdaq is easier money and better looking charts.
  3. Depends on your system.

    I have systems that ROCK on NYSE and SUCK on NAZ
    and vice versa.

    Go wherever the edge is.


  4. but what about in terms of execution??
  5. In general, I factor in more slippage for NAZ.
    Again...depends on your system and the liquidity of the stocks
    you plan to trade.


  6. im used to fx where you get the price you click.....and if not, then you dont get a fill at all.....and mosst of the time you get your price......im afraid of the implications of market orders in equities on short term trading.........any thoughts???? anyone traded both???
  7. well????
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    It completely depends on the stock universe. Naz and NYSE have stocks that are extremely liquid and fluid like F, PFE, MSFT, DELL, GM, GE. On occasion those make some nice moves, but what I like best about them is the ability to do size and safety.

    But for the most part, there is some horrific slippage on NYSE from the specialist slippage (held orders, vanishing liquidity and price improvement, uptick rule). Naz just gets so volatile that the price will just run away from you. I trade NYSE but I check out some Naz stocks and from looking at low volume stocks from both, I cannot even say which one is worse. I would rather get screwed by other traders than one rule breaking manipulator, however.

    Like I said, it completely depends on the stocks you want to trade. From FX into low-medium volume stocks, you will be jumping into a completely new game and probably be outraged at the slippage. If you go into the highest volume, highest liquidity stocks, then you should be ok.
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    i would say-it depends on your time frame, your size,system(if any) then-particular stock liquidity.
    since we don't know nothing from you about things above, it is hard to say something more than axeman already said.
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