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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by the_dude, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. I'm fairly new at NYSE, so bear with me.

    Quite often, I'll have a nice short lined up, and I'll send an order to sell to the bid following a nice, clean uptick. Quite often, my order will sit unexecuted (although it was sent directly to NYSE) for over 1min, and then I'll see a trade at the bid price, downticking the stock and fucking my chance at a short (I don't have too many bullets yet).

    A couple of times I've called IB, and they could call NYSE but what good would it do?

    Perhaps a more seasoned listed trader could help me out with this one.
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    sounds like just bad luck. many times when i send a short to NY i'll send it 1 or 2 cents below the bid just so if i miss the first price i may still get my short off if it drops a couple of cents
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    i don't like to use bullets jsut because with penny spreads it has been much easier to get short sales off. just my opinion
  4. My thought is that it is just bad luck; either it gets delayed because it is a short, and a closing order then comes in and autoexecutes against the bid; or maybe the quote was stale, and so on. I really doubt anyone gives a shit about my 100 share lots, so I'm not paranoid that "the man" is out to get me. LOL :D