NYSE TRIN Intraday Values

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  1. Looking at the data provided from this website for NYSE TRIN ($TRIN) for the trading day:


    Can anyone confirm that TRIN data can actually have a single 1 minute bar value that can print such a high~low bar value and spike so drastically?

    At 10:38, 12:05, etc>
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  3. Do you understand how TRIN is calculated?

    It only takes one high volume stock flipping from up to down on the day (or vice versa) to spike the TRIN.
  4. OK? I'll bite.

    Which one stock(volume) could spike an index so much vs. total volume in the calculation?
  5. montysky


    most likely it was ABK that caused the spike in $trin yesterday in the afternoon, when it dipped into negative territory. 700+ million shares traded!!! Only a while back that was the combined volume of nyse and nasdaq.
  6. The other stock was C.

    It was up and down on the day on 04/13 with a volume of 595 million shares.

    Move 595 million shares from up volume to down volume and back again to see what it does to the TRIN calculation.
  7. Another "normal" day?

    The TRIN flips 300% from .53 to 1.49 in under 3 minutes?
  8. Hells bells, if you don't like the way TRIN moves due to the way the TRIN calculation works then stop looking at it.

  9. Do you trade using the TRIN on an intraday day basis?

    I just started looking at the TRIN this week, so I am little offguard as to if this is normal or part of "it's different this time - welcome to the 'new' new market" because of just a handful of stocks with unheard amounts of volume.

    I can adjust and adapt, but it amazing to see the Index make intraday prints with 300% moves - in 3 minutes.