nyse trading help with gaps

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gdtrader, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Hi I had a questions concerning gaps on nyse stocks. On Friday 13, 2003 I was trading APA in the morning around 10:00 am I got in long around the whole number say for example it was 37 I dont remember what price it was at the time. Anyway I made my out on the downside 10 cents lower or so. Anyway all the sudden the next print was 40 cents lower and the bid went from say example 37.00 to 36.60 This is ridiculous Is there any early indication or way I could tell if the stock will gap or something???
    there was no way I could of got out its not like I held a 40 cents loss this was the next print?? any ideas how to avoid these types of situtaions? is there any way you can tell if this will happen?
  2. Hi gd, that was a tough break for sure.

    Following that print, did trade continue from the lower price? The reason I ask is because I see a number of out of sequence trades printed throughout the day on listed stocks. It makes me wonder if I had stops in place on my trading platform would they be triggered with an out of sequence print.
  3. The next print was a bit higher then the stock contined to tank. Also as far as I know if you had a stop out I am pretty sure it would be activated I have had that happen to me before. Thats why I manually throw out market orders when I pass my stop loss limit rather than have the specialist print me 40 cents lower.
  4. I am looking at the first 20 minutes of trading for APA and it certainly was pretty rough on the longs. I don't see anything around the 10:00 Eastern Time period that resembles what you describe. Either way, what a rip. That stock tanked 1.50 on some crappy trading.