NYSE Trading Falls to 7-Year Low as U.S. Volume Rises

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    The new venues make it more difficult for technical analysts, who use exchange data to measure demand for stocks. A rally in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index without an increase in volume may fade, analysts say. Last year's rebound in the S&P 500 during September came with the lowest volume in four months. The benchmark peaked in Oct. 10, and fell 11 percent since then.

    ``Technicians should be losing sleep over this,'' said Ralph Acampora, the 40-year Wall Street veteran who helped pioneer technical analysis. ``I can't be as trusting of my indicator, because I don't have all the data.''


    The extent to human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
  2. I guess the concept of a consolidated tape is a little too advanced for some traders... :confused:
  3. NYSE stocks sux. Fvck the specialist. They should get rid of them right now. Stop order or so damn wide.

    Enter buy stop at 95, filled at 95.5x.
    Enter stop stop at 90, filled at 89.4x

    Enter buy stop at 35.25, filled at 35.38.

    These stocks trades 2 million shares a day, so there should be no reason why stop were executed so damn far away. The order is not at major technical level.

    If they were listed on Nasdaq, the the 95 order would filled around 95.10, and the 35.25 order would fill at 35.30.
  4. Stop bitching at NYSE/specialist. If you cannot trade listed stocks, go and trade NASDAQ stuff.

    BTW, to my best knowledge, NYSE doesn't support stop orders, so they are emulated by your broker, and the quality of fills depends on many factors, starting from how liquid the stock is, and ending with how good your broker infrastructure is.
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    Stop defending the NYSE/specialist. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about so best to keep your mouth shut.
  6. Can you back up you claim?
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    cat fight?
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    I guess if you are doing inside trading or any front running , you don't want the data are trade to be made public.

    These dark pools are transactions maybe outside of SEC jurisdiction. I may be wrong.

    These are public companies so all transactions need to be made public.