NYSE trading Dead?? Hybrid??? End of alot of traders

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    Will the new NYSE Hybrid Market be the end of alot of traders who have been making money for years trading the NYSE?
    Or will it help them??
  2. i think there will be problems for those who trade da open and are use to keep pos 'till close--issues that trend will not do so anymore prolly.

    hope to be dead wrong tho.
  3. I think it will be harder for those who scalp the NYSE stocks. The stocks on the Hybrid system trade like Nasdaq stocks. For me, it does not matter because I trade the overall market and not any particular stock so it does not affect my trading.

    Hope I am wrong.
  4. Anything is better than getting robbed by scumbag specialists.
  5. Agree.


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  6. Why do you feel that scalping will be more difficult under Hybrid?

    The biggest problem right now...
    Is that the Specialist can trade through your order any time he pleases.


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  7. Here you are dispensing your pithy wizdum (again).

    The ........eh.........scumbag specialists aren't as big of a den of theives as the Nasdaq MM's. And..............the Naz MM's pale in comparison to the CBOE. Pssst..............."we" won't delve into bulletin boards, pink sheets or Toronto.

    As for the scumbag specialists, don't count them out. They didn't "vote" for their own demise.
  8. Nonsense, Nasdaq is dominated by black boxes and super computers. Anyone can become a MM, just do the volume and put up the capital. Can you say the same for becoming a licensed thief aka specialist?

    Of course, another ole boys club. You can make the same arguments against them as vs NYSE. The push for electronic markets does not constrict itself to equities, all of the outcry systems are feeling it.

    True but once again, anyone can go do that, just take the risk and put up the capital. It's actually work, pumping and dumping, unlike the risk free millions a specialist can make by manipulating order execution.

    Yeah they went for the Hybrid instead of fully electronic as was being pushed. They are just prolonging their racket and holding on while they can. If Goldman and the other big players had their way, NYSE would be a museum by now and the Big Board would trade just like Nasdaq. Hybrid is a stall tactic, the possibility and the arguments for NYSE going electronic have existed since 1970s.

    It's still amazing to me that some people defend the specialists with such conviction. These guys rob everyone on a regular basis, especially daytraders, yet you people want to bend over for them even more.
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    Maybe stop to think that we "defenders" make a good living off these guys. Where there are people controlling things, there are mistakes and innefficiences...and at least one of those two things must be present for most strategies to work. You guys really want to trade with black boxes all day?
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    Trading to the Dead right now.......

    ..........Dick's Picks Volume 31 cd1 August 1974 Philadelphia.
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