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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by bdon, Feb 15, 2005.

Eliminate which?

  1. Direct Plus (NX)

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  2. Uptick Rule

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  1. bdon


    Of these two things which would you rather eliminate.

    The Direct Plus (NX) or the Uptick Rule.

    Personally I believe the uptick rule is a very archaic device that holds no real use in stock trading these days. However this constant nx'ing and reversing of the smallest trend with 100 lots is overly annoying. If you want instant execution use the ECN's or trade the nasdaq. If you can't hold stock because the book is light don't buy or short in the first place.
  2. Dustin


    I love NX, can't wait for them to expand it. The uptick rule on the other hand...
  3. isn't using nx similar to otc/nasdaq...

    why go to nasdaq when i can trade nyse....

    it's a lot cheaper on nyse...

  4. NYSE can't eliminate NX. The only questions regarding NX for the Exchange are how and whether to expand Auto-ex.

    Uptick rule is another story. But one that is market wide; not specific to NYSE.
  5. nyse trading has changed the last month or so
    does anyone know if the spec. recently got their blackboxes people were talking about?
  6. reg


    I've noticed the change too. What were those blackboxes supposed to do?
  7. Lose money, LOL...........
  8. Steelhead, could you elaborate a little on what changes you've noticed on the NYSE? Thanks
  9. bdon


    The biggest change I have seen is the refusual to show crowd in the quote. Couple that with the lighest order books I ever remember and you would think there would be all kinds of volitality. Instead I watch jackasses nx'ing each other back and forth for five cents.

    Direct plus is garbage until all stock on the order is available it will never truely work in your favor. Once in a while it saves you 10 cents or you grab that last 300 shares before the guy gaps, but mostly its garbage noise used to push shorts out of their stock
  10. xxtrader


    I think Nxing should be illegal.
    Selling short on a downtick on the NYSE has not been a problem at my firm ---in fact it has only gotten easier because so few firms allow their traders to do it. The way I do it is simply by buying a deep in the money PUT-this gets me short and i cover by buying the stock.
    But the NXers are just unreal as soon as I build up a good position and im stopped on the 1st up tick these nxers always try to uptick with 100 shares.
    #10     Feb 15, 2005