Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by MGB, Jan 26, 2001.

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    I was thinking about the NYSE TICK today.

    How come Nasdaq doesn't have a "NASDAQ TICK"? Wouldn't a Nasdaq Tick be better for trading Nasdaq stocks?

  2. It's $TICK-Q for Real Tick users, and if you need or use the TRIN, it's $TRIN-Q again for RT111, I'm sure Q Charts and the rest have it as well.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. topmo


    There is a Nasdaq Tick and Trin for QCharts users...the symbol is TICK.NQ and TRIN.NQ...very useful to use together as a bullish or bearish indicator.
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    Has anyone been using the tick and trin together to trade successfully recently?............Bullish when the tick is positive and the trin is negative...(below 1.00) Bearish when the tick is negative and the trin is positive...(ABOVE 1.00 if I remember correctly)

    This is just one of my trading rules I broke and paid dearly for...:(