NYSE tackin liq. fee

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by logis, Jan 9, 2008.

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    altough i new there was a change i didin't realy realise it b/c Echo charged me last month for Oct and Nov NYSE fee (they said they cann't charge it on there regular)
    so i don't get it
    why the NYSE wants me to add liq. in arca ? i get paid there rathere on adding liq in NYSE (which is free)
    and y do they tripple they tacking liq. fee? i understand they need more money to pay bonuses but 300%???

    here is the link:

    2nd thing is: how can i be charged on 08 for fees on 07? will it affect my K1?

  2. I assume that Echo has something similar to this for you to look at.

    http://www.stocktrading.com/Exchange Fees - October 2007.html

    This details the various exchange fees and routing fees. And, I would guess that any charges to your account in 2008 would apply to 2008.

    This is what seems to be an ever changing world of exchange/routing fees.

  3. Westward


    I just didn't understand your post.

    You get a K-1? Thats a good sign.