NYSE sues NY-NY Casino Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDinky, Oct 29, 2002.

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    Strange, but true. The NYSE claims that the New York-New York Casino's NYSE theme "tarnishes" the NYSE's trademark and its reputation for "integrity and transparency in the trading conducted on the floor."

    Remember this the next time the specialist conveniently forgets to fill that order of yours he's been holding for 2 min.

  2. im speechless. :D :D :D
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    Maybe the NYSE would be appeased if the casino hired Don Bright as a greeter. He could parrot "trade only listed, trade only listed, be a surrogate specialist" to every gambler who entered the casino.
  4. It couldn't be complete unless you had an Harvey Pitt there to make sure that the craps were loaded.
  5. The NYSE bastids should pay up for the image-enhancing free publicity that Vegas is giving em, since at least with Vegas you know where you stand... the NYSE big guns, the SEC, indeed the whole infrastructure that claims to help the little guy, is nothing more than a glorified club for the bigger stakes... in a casino, all size stakes have the same odds... so I say f*!k the NYSE, SEC, Nasdaq etc and their hypocritical statements about transparency and integrity...
  6. Imagine the possible lawsuits now:

    Italy sues Caesars Palace (bad representation of Romans)

    Egypt sues the Luxor (lost tourism revenue due to people not making the real trek to Egypt)

    France suing the Paris hotel

    Ringling Bros Circus suing Circus Circus hotel (after all, it cheaps the Circus image).

    What a load of cr@p. The last time I was at the New York, New York in April, they had a great display out front facing the MGM, Tropicana and Excaliber of firefighter tee shirts dedicated to 9/11. Dick Grasso and his cronies should realize that more people lost money in NYSE stocks in the last few years than was lost on the tables in Vegas.
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    jb - i was out there in june, with the t-shirts displayed from all over the world, signed by members of the police / firefighters.

    in 105 degree weather, i got this ridiculous case of the chills just looking at that.

    i've found the IBM specialist to be brutal.
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    "integrity and transparency" LOL LOL LOL ROFLMAO actually they got the transparency part right!!!! i think we can all see thru the BS!!!
  9. ...It's very comforting to know that now that the NYSE took care of the Enron debacle and is cleaning up the Martha Stewart mess, they have so much time to worry about their image...At least at the casino, if you get caught trying to cheat you get expelled for life from the casino....what about Ms. Martha????????
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