NYSE-style TICK for DAX and FTSE

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by snp500, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. snp500


    Is there a NYSE-style TICK for the DAX and FTSE markets?

    If so, what datafeeds offer this calculation?

    Thanks much in advance!
  2. david22


    I was doing a bit of research on market breadth a few days ago and found an application called neoticker that can modify breadth data. So instead of nyse, you can design one for the sp500.


    It may be possible to compile a breadth indicator for the
    ftse 100, but may need further investigation by contacting
    neoticker. I had similar thoughts about the ftse and mkt breadth
    as thats my market and timezone.
  3. david22



    I decided to ring them myself as I wanted to know the answer myself and yes its possible to construct an indicator for
    the ftse 100 and any other market.

    They have a demo of the application which you can check out and also if your going to construct the mkt breadth for ftse 100, you need compile a list of stocks beforehand.