NYSE Spreads wider this week?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. Last week I adopted a new listed stock (yes, I went back to listed again) and trading it last week was fine, but one thing I've noticed this week is that the specialists are not showing limit orders inside their "spread" and are blowing the spread quite wide any time the futures make even the smallest move...granted, these men make it their jobs to be complete pains in our asses, but it seems like they're really into it this week...

    Anyone else notice this, or am i just paranoid??
  2. Dustin


    Liquidity is down a bit the last few days.
  3. dgmodel

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    everythign seems to be less liquid opposed to the "norm" and thinly traded this entire week... and its been taking my executions longer to fill this entire week...
  4. yeah there is no friggin' liquidity at all...........................

    since i'd been off listed for like 2mos, i can't tell if last week was just really easy (i know it was at least a little easier than usual) or this week is just extremely hard, but i've been flat to positive enough to buy a few extra value meals all week and it's starting to wear at me...as maybe some of you can tell.
  5. I noticed the same thing this week.
  6. so are the bastards pissed off or something???
  7. dgmodel

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    stingey bitter fucks!!!
  8. lescor


    This was my first losing week in three months and it was largely due to the slippage on exits from wide spreads and lack of liquidity. I traded FNM quite a bit the last few days and when it was time to get out, boom, the spread is 20 cents and you gotta pay up or roll the dice and hope it comes back. Sure seemed to be more of that this week than usual with many stocks. If you listen to a squawk box during the day, you know it was dead in the pit most of the week.
  9. no kidding. that was my experience exactly.