NYSE Specialists going away next year?

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  1. One of the traders on CNBC Fast Money (Tim Strazzini) just said all of the Specialists will be gone from the NYSE next year. Will the NYSE trade like Nasdaq?
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    Actually, one of the Muppets on Bloomberg TV confirmed 11 WALL Street , NYSE, will be turned into a Financial Museum in a year's time.

    The Specialists will run tours and help out in the gift shop.
  3. Doubtful. The Specialists serve a vital function in a lot of stocks.
  4. At least that'll liven the place up. That place is like a library during trading hours. :eek:

    Yeah, you definitely are "new at this".:p

    But seriously, do not even try that "liquidity" and "fair & orderly" market argument. Only time they provide liquidity is when front run someone for a guaranteed profit.
  6. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Yeah, making significant $$$ for the firms that hire them!
  7. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Yeah, making significant $$$ for the firms that employee them!
  8. What percentage of the trading profits does the specialist get to keep, and what percentage goes to the firm?

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  9. No kidding, check out PEG for friday. the stock traded 9 million shares that day and the specialist let the stock drop $1.50 on a 100 000 share order!

    Some specialists do help though. I remember goldman dumped over a billion dollars on Exxon in one print, and the specialist held the stock up. (he held it down over the next 2 weeks while he liquidated, but he did his job, even if it meant he might actually lose some money, which I doubt he did)

    bottom line, the market is inconsistent enough, without having to determine if the specialist does his job with decorum like Exxon, or deceitfulness like, AMD.
  10. I thought goldman stepped in and bought that stock, the seller was 'unknown' selling 24 millions shares in one print.
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