NYSE seats going down $$$$

Discussion in 'Politics' started by C Robinson, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. CNBC just reported the sale of 2 seats going for $1.3 million(each), down from last sale of $1.8.
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    holy haircut!
  3. Bring back Grasso!
  4. Any January NYSE-Seat Futures tradable on Tradesports.com ?
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    If this trendline keeps on, these specialists are going to have to start turning tricks in the train station bathroom in order to hold it all together.

  6. How seat prices to the NYSE haven't changed much ( with this latest sale at $1.3 million ) since the late 80's.

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    This Forbes article from 1999 was written right after the high trade of 2.6 million for a NYSE seat. Some good historical references in this piece.


    I can remember as a teenager in the 1970's when a NYC taxi cab medallion sold for more $ than a NYSE seat.