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Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by zdreg, Dec 5, 2005.

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    why does it make a seat worth 4X?
    and why didn't arca jump to its current price immediately
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    Look at a chart of CME and BOT for half of your answer.

    IMHO NYSE seat prices were over sold pre merger at 1MM.
    Also, realize there are only 1366 of them so it is also not the most liquid market that is bid up quite easily by Seat Holders.

    I know that does not directly answer your question, but I tried.
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    Looking at how much these seats are going for now, the cheap way in is through ARCA stock. That's what I decipher from the stock's action.

    Why it didn't trade to where it is now immediately is pretty simple. I don't think anyone could have expected a seat to go from $1M to $4M in about a year.
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    this is a dog and tail situation. the seat is up because AX is up. AX is up because the seat is up. i don't see how becoming public made this all possible.
    jim rogers who said to short in mid twenties was obviously wrong but yet.....
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    while most of the traders were making pennies on this board and bragging about some prediction they made, the specialist were making 4X on their money.