NYSE Scalper Sentiment

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fatrat, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. fatrat


    There's always someone out there making money, I realize that. But, this is the first real "bull market" I've ever traded, and I'm actually making less money than when things were "mediocre."

    However, the last two weeks have been way, way more difficult for me. Are you guys generally feeling like it's gotten tougher the past two weeks, or is it just me because of other reasons? Guaging by the Trader P/L thread, it seems like profitability has gone down.

    Since I am a relatively new trader, I want to know if the experienced guys can label what exactly is going on here. If it's not a market thing, then I definitely need to take a closer look at my trading techniques.

    For example: Most of the stocks I've traded have hit multi-year highs or are trading near their highs. They've become constricted and range bound, and even new-high breakouts end up with sloppy movement that is hard to make money on. In some cases, their volume has dropped 33% and they grind slowly to new levels. The "grinding" is almost indistinguisable from random day-trader noise. Perhaps there's some aspect of trading stocks at the high end of their ranges that I need to learn about?

    All I know is is this: After the E-Mini futures crossed about 1230, life got way tougher and my particular stocks' volatility has become exceptionally difficult to deal with.
  2. The market is always constantly changing. The only constant with any market is change.

    Successful traders must constantly adapt their styles to follow the current trend. What works one day doesn't work the next.

    I expect a range bound market for the next week or so, in my humble opinion.

    Be nimble and take profits quickly. Sell the rallies and buy the dips.