NYSE Says Some ( 160 Names )Closing Trades Did Not Print

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  1. Some New York Stock Exchange and NYSE AMEX symbols did not close on the regular closing hour, the NYSE said Monday.

    About an hour after the end of normal trade, a spokesman told Reuters that the issue had been resolved.

    In an earlier email, the exchange said "certain NYSE and NYSE Amex symbols have not closed yet or in some instances closing trades did not print to the tape," and that recovery efforts were under way.

    Nearly 160 symbols were affected, according to the NYSE.


    Lousy 160 names... :cool:
  2. S2007S


    just read this minutes ago. Maybe they should just let the exchanges run 24/7, you know this is 2010 not 1972. With all this new electronic trading going on why even shut the exchanges down over night, keep em going.
  3. Bigaeon


    Classic NYSE. Make the liquidity spread on everytrade, never their fault. All reward, no risk. Good work if you can get it.