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    Can anyone point me to a source for the NYSE auction market rules? I've done all kinds of Google, Teoma, etc. searches, esp. on the SEC and NYSE site, but I've come up with very little.

    Specifically, I'd like to read the details about limit order handling. I'm pretty sure that there is time priority on SuperDOT, but I've heard that size takes a higher priority. So, a 5000 share limit order at, say 44.23, takes priority over a 1000 share order, even though the 1000 share limit came in earlier.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. the link is on the NYSE website, but you really have to hunt for it.

    i found the rule book useless. for every rule, there are 10 exceptions, all of which are very, very vague and render the "rule" useless.
  3. I know that there is a customer to customer rule where any customer to customer cross of 25,000 shares or more can be done between the bid and ask (or at the bid and ask). The cross trade cannot be broken up by anything on the book even if the order has time priority. I do not know if they modified this rule since 1993.
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    I believe you'll need to contact the NYSE or SEC to get specific rules that aren't publicly available on either of their websites. I tried to order the entire NYSE rulebook, spent over 150 dollars and it still was missing over 200 rules. Good luck.
  5. There is the block rule.


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    The series seven book will tell you all you need to know about NYSE order handling rules. Dearborn and STC produce the books for the seven
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    The Series 7 Book DOES not have The NYSE rules.
    It teaches basic rules for retail brokers.
    Crowd trading rules and Specialist rules are NOT in The Series Seven. Go back to school.

    The NYSE book can be obtained from any member.
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    If you read the book you will find the order handling priority with regards to price, size and time.the nyse MUST follow the sec rules. I spent enough years on the floor ebo to know that . So maybe you should should go to school ebo