NYSE rule changes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by daytr8r, Dec 16, 2002.

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    I've heard a rumor going around that there are going to be some significant NYSE rule changes that will affect traders. I haven't heard anything, but if anyone can shed some light to this subject I would really appreciate it.
  2. do you know if they were suppose to be positive changes???
  3. Hehehehe. What d'ya think?
  4. i hate to think.
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    All I heard was that there were going to be some new rules implemented in the new year that will negatively affect traders trading NYSE stocks. Wish I new more.
  6. i know...they are going to .0001 increments. tighten up those spreads for the little guy.
  7. Heard NX is being turned off if spread more than .05
  8. Yeah...those poor poor SPECS need all the help
    they can get! NOT!!! :D



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    that would really suck if that was true about nx.
  10. that's no surprise

    they turn it off whenever they like anyway

    seems to me to be a good thing if they are making some rules so you can predict when the bastard disabled it

    ...this way you can plan ahead for it instead of finding out the hard way :D
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