Nyse "red Alert"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Wow, first time I've ever seen full shut down of the NYSE since the 1980's.

  2. the russians are coming :D
  3. Conspiracy I'm sure, LOL
  4. Now I get a call from my Goldman people...they will be "out for a few hours" ---hmmm? NYSE, GS "know" that the A-bomb is on it's way from North Korea, and not telling the rest of us?

    Oh, oops, I forgot this is not the P&R forum, LOL.

    Use the ECN's guys...

  5. glitch is fixed now.
  6. When are you going to stop posting your bullshit just to advertise? Why some idiots use you as a middleman between themselves, and another broker I would never send my orders to, is beyond logic.

    What is the percentage of cumulative losers who trade with you? 90%?

    PS: do not give the percent of current losers to the current winners, but the inverse of the cumulative of those who left divided by the number of those who by chance have some green.
  7. I thought they are already here! :)
  8. dsq


    You fucking paper tradin bitch...you dont even have a paper trading act and youre calling out a guy whos been in markets longer than your parents have been alive?

    You little bitch,you advertise your fake blog and calls all day long you fuckbitch.Find a tall building and jump-please.
  9. You're a rude S.O.B.-- and a zero next to Don Bright. If you had an ounce of brains, a stitch of credibility, a shred of class or a dollar in your pocket, you'd STFU and show some respect.
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    it's no computer glitch. manual shut down by a man behind the market.

    Why would anyone shut down the market after it opens. The market is shut down in the weekends.

    Something is going down in the backroom. This isn't a free market.

    FED forcing a Bank of America to buy another insolvent bankrupt bank.

    Shut! Shut! Shut'em down!

    This is a low down. Shut down!

    Definition: low down
    low down
    n. The actual dirt or details that comprise a complex situation which is usually passed on from a first hand participant in the ongoing 'drama.' Sometimes this phrase references the prior details of a scenario such as background connections which expose real motive or the base common denominator that the average person may not know.
    Lemme give you the low down on dupont chemicals and the situation in bophal india.

    She hooked me up with the low down on why they meet up after work everynight and now I see that its all business.
    down low skinny facts straight-talk biz deal
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    a dirty little trick, or when you get punked in an especially vicious way

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