nyse raised there fee's yesterday

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  1. the fee per share went from .00025 per share to .000275 per share. fee's going up everywere thats why consolidation sucks as it creates monopoly's
  2. they got backtracked with the arca book fees...they needed to make up foe the lost income.

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    It's actually a duopoly.:D But I feel your pain....
  4. if only IB offered fee-less (or a very tiny commission for themselves) 'cross only' trades which sit at IB until another IB client wants the other side of it. I wonder if that goes against any rules. That would make my arb system a hell of a lot more profitable.
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    THERE- place
    THIER- belonging to or possesion
    THEY'RE- contraction "they are"

    fee's- 's denotes possesion...as in it belings to the fee.

    "fees" would be correct.

    sorry...the blue blood snob comes out sometimes.:D
  6. thanks I'm sure well be better traders because of it :D
  7. Also...

    THEIR is spelled THEIR, not THIER - unless you are referring to the German physician.

    possession is spelled possession, not possesion
    belongs is spelled belongs, not belings

    That stuff bothers me, too, but if you are going to be a snob, at least, use the spell check button.
  8. sounds like they eliminated the specialist fees
  9. Are you a physician or biology major? Thier as german physician pretty erudite reference

  10. Well done, this dac guy is a horse's a**.
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