NYSE Problems?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MYDemaray, May 10, 2007.

  1. I am suddenly unable to cancel any orders with the NYSE (on Tradestation) is anyone at another broker having this problem -- sux b/c I have two partial fills and I'm trying to cover a position. I guess that's what backup brokers are for...
  2. nyse sucks donkey balls

    seems like only orders in the midst of a sweep are getting stuck

    the place is so sad
  3. Holy shit do they suck. I have open orders all over. Seriously how can anyone have confidence in them.
  4. Don't worry. John Thain is looking into it.

    Rest assured.
  5. Yeah, it was system wide problems with NYSE.
  6. S2007S


    why all these problems when the dow is off 100++
  7. Can anyone else confirm that the problems were not resolved by close? I still have outstanding positions that I could get closed. Hedged off one, but left the other naked...
  8. mcelitetrader

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    Yep...outstanding positions here

    Im going to cover half of my position to limit risk. Im waiting to hear back from my broker. Order went out at 3:23 and filled a partial of 3k ?

    This is a complete joke...
  9. I tried to short MOT today.. marketable order sat for like 30 seconds. I said fuck it and cancelled.
  10. The NYSE can't apparently handle moderate volumes.

    Remember that glitch on Feb 27th?

    They can't fix the glitches, apparently.

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