NYSE Pricing Changes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bjb1963, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. bjb1963


    Apologies if this has already been discussed. Couldn't find anything.

    Regarding the new NYSE pricing for equities.


    How are your firms charging this fee? Are they adding it on as a seperate expense? My interpretation is we were already being charged this "variable" fee and it was priced into our base commission. Now some firms are adding it as an extra .00025 per share.

    Feedback? Anyone see the charge on their sheets and get an explanation?

    "Transaction fees on NYSE-listed equities will be based on a fixed rate of 0.00025 per share rather than the current variable fee schedule."
  2. Yeah, old news.

    Firms are paying .00025 per-share on NYSE.

    Previously, it was under a certain amount of shares, it was free. Then above a certain amount a little bit more, and then another amount it was a little bit more than that.

    So this probably add's a cost to firms with traders trading in lower share amounts and helps to those that do very large volume on NYSE, I believe anyways.

    Not 100%, but I think that is how it is. Someone else can tell you specifics.
  3. alanm


    Is this really significant, at $250/million shares, especially if it replaces the other billable fees, which are up to 40x as much?
  4. bjb1963


    Is it significant? Well, as far as I can figure out its going to cost me at least $9,000 this year. 36,000,000 * .00025 = 9,000

    So yes, to me that is significant. Unless I am reading this wrong.....which would not surprise me since I am a mental midget that just bangs away on stocks. Can someone tell me if I am wrong, and explian to me "how" if I am????

    Thanks in advance.
  5. How is it costing you?
    Are you running your own firm?

    Please read my previous post again.
  6. Are you saying the fee for billable orders is now .25 / K ? Does this pricing structure change mean that all orders are now .25 / K, if so then yes I would agree with your statement.
  7. bjb1963


    Guess it depends on the firm. The firm I trade with right now is passing that extra .00025/share on to traders. I am on pace for at least 36 million shares this year, that is an extra $9,000.

    So from what you are saying is that some firms are eating this additional cost and not passing it on? Guess I may have a choice to make.
  8. Ya know what, I concede, I have no idea.

    The owner of the prop firm I am at told me that .00025 is what the firm pays for NYSE executions. I pay 68 cents per-ticket, and since that change, it hasn't changed for me.

    I guess it might be different for you.