NYSE opening

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vladiator, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Anyone know where I can find all the details of NYSE opening procedure?

  2. if a retail customer not using DOT or super DOT

    but just sending an order direct to NYSE specialist

    enters a limit order , not MOC , to buy an NYSE name

    is it within the rules for the specialist to fill him

    shortly after 4 pm EST? I got late fills between 4 - 406 pm

    approx ... am not complaining as I wanted a fill , but am curious

    if this is ok
  3. Yes. That is within the bounds of the rules.

    Edit: That is, assuming the order was put in near the close. Obviously, if someone puts a limit order in at 3pm and gets a fill an hour later there's most likely a problem!

    You do mean by the close, yes?