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    I'm trying to look up historical opening prices for NYSE.
    Yahoo Finance and all other finance sites that I know, do not always have the NYSE open print as their open price. Sometimes, if a stock trades on an ECN first, Yahoo will take that price as the opening price.
    Does anyone know of a source for opening prices that always come from the NYSE :confused:

  2. NYSE TAQ database.
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    The TAQ database is great but not affordable for individuals. It is about $500 per month (for the web edition), which is a bit too much just to look up some opening prices. Any other suggestions ?

  4. i know that the bloomberg has the true print because I just spoke with a bloomberg rep this morning and asked that very question. Talking about the 1800 or so a month one....but I bet they also have the true print on their website.

    Might be worth a try.

    Checked a few stocks on the website and they all matched the Bloomberg here.

  5. How many days back are you looking for?
  6. How about a site that shows the prints for an individual stock throughout the day? I found this on Lycos Finance but only for the last 20 trades or so (and on a delayed basis). Know of anything?
  7. AT does this and can go back for about 6 days but it's a Charting program not a website
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    I checked Bloomberg. They do not have the NYSE print as their opening print. Try Agilent (A) today. It says the OPEN was 16.32 when in reality it opened at 13.55 on the NYSE.

    The only site that lists the NYSE print is Reuters. But they only do it for today's date, no historical quotes :(
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    I'm only looking for specific days where stocks openings were delayed due to imbalances and indicated opening ranges. About 200 tickers for the last 3 months alone.
  10. I asked because I know I can look at 8 days worth of time and sales on AT. Not sure about 3 months what can do that.
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