NYSE OpenBook

Discussion in 'Trading' started by airspeed, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. Hi all..

    Over the past few days there have been a few posts regarding the NYSE's "OpenBook." If you're getting the OpenBook, would you post your impressions about it? Specifically, is it a useful trading tool for you or does it just add more noise to the decision making process? Keep us updated re this...


    Jim B
  2. This may be new info...I am told that the "open book" does not reflect short sell orders or stop orders.....perhaps another reason why it may not be of much help.

    Anyone know for sure......(Getting full info is like pulling teeth)....
  3. Do sell short orders or stop limit orders ever appear in OpenBook?

    A: Sell short orders and stop limit orders appear in OpenBook when they are filed on the book or “elected” as limit orders. Because these orders have special conditions, they will appear in OpenBook at the price where they can be executed.