NYSE OpenBook now available with PointDirex

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  1. PointDirex today announced that NYSE OpenBook will be available immediately with the Direx Platinum software to compliment its other features such as automated bullets, hotkeys, basket trading, and a premium charting package that are already included.

    NYSE OpenBook provides a real-time view of buy and sell orders on the NYSE limit order books. NYSE OpenBook lets traders see aggregate limit-order volume at every bid and offer price, empowering traders to make even more informed buy and sell decisions. NYSE OpenBook is now available for $100.00 a month.

    Exclusive commission schedule for ET members (not advertised on our website) is as follow:

    Base Commission: $5 per 1000 shares
    Island: FREE
    NYSE Direct: FREE
    AMEX Direct: FREE
    ARCA: $2 per 1000 shares
    Trac: $3 per 1000 shares
    NTRD: $3 per 1000 shares
    BRUT: $5 per 1000 shares
    BTRD: $5 per 1000 shares
    DORS: $5 per 1000 shares
    ATTN: $9 per 1000 shares
    SOES: $2 per 1000 shares
    BULLETS: $15 per 1000 shares
    Cancels: FREE
    SEC FEE: .0000301 x Total Value of Sales

    Note: all pricing is prorated on a per share basis.
    Example: 500 Shares executed on Island will cost $2.50.
    1000 Shares executed on ARCA will cost $7.
    500 Shares of NYSE Stock executed on NYSE Direct will cost $2.50.

    High-volume traders, please call for special pricing.

    For more information, contact PointDirex Customer Support at 1.866.68.DIREX or email: support@pointdirex.com.
  2. nitro


    Congratulations PD. I have always liked your comm structure, but i thought you guys were weak on software.

    Can I route orders anywhere I want easily?

    I will have to give you a hard look again.

  3. Thanks for the question nitro.

    Yes you can! Either thru NYSE Direct or ECN's. Also, you can use our smart order routing system D.O.R.S (direct order routing system). Its an unbiased order routing system designed to find the best possible price, no matter who has it, as quickly as possible.
  4. nitro



    Thanks for the response. I should be more specific. Can I route to the NX (NYSE's limit book ECN) ?

  5. You can route to NYSE Direct (NX) , SDOT, ARCA, ISLAND , and BRUT.
  6. nitro



    I really need to look at you guys again.

  7. alanm


    Quote from PDSupport:
    You can route to NYSE Direct (NX) , SDOT, ARCA, ISLAND , and BRUT.

    But not INCA (as shown on your web site)?

    Also, the SEC fee is currently $46.80 per million. Or are you guys absorbing the increase for your clients?

    Do you have an API and/or FIX capability for integrating with my proprietary trading platform?

    Is there a minimum charge per order (i.e. what do I get charged for getting my 1000-share order hit for 5 shares on Island)?
  8. We should have INCA in the very near future.

    You are correct. Effective April 1, 2003, The SEC fee is currently $46.80 per million. The SEC fee is directly debited by the clearing firm (CCS) and is done accurately ($46.80 per million).

    Yes, We have an FIX API available. There is no minimum charge per order. All fees are prorated for ET Traders.