nyse non-specialist orders?

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    This is a great site if you are a listed trader, I use it to find out which specialists are handling which stocks. If I'm trading a new stock, I might look here to see if I've encountered the specialist before. The site shows you which post the stock trades at, but I looked up a couple today and it only said that they are traded on the nyse, not the nyse floor as it does for others and it didn't give a post.

    Are there nyse stocks that aren't handled by a specialist? If so, how is the order flow managed? How might the trading be different?

    Check out TAP.a and BRK.b
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    the specialists names are
    brk.b=La Branch
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    Where on the screen i can see how many shares has some specialist?
  4. bloomberg open book is helpful.
  5. Markettrac is pretty cool. Not sure why the post isn't isn't shown for those stocks on there.

    You can find out which firm it is by looking up the stocks on the specialists firms website. A few of the top ones are SLK, LaBranche, Fleet, Wagner Stott, and VanDerMoolen. They all have lists of their clients on the sites.

    MarketTrac is also good for determining whether the stock you are trading is his "primary" stock or a secondary stock, by the volume.

  6. :D when you find out, pm me. thx.
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    Is this different than the "normal" OpenBook from the NYSE?

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    I wasn't looking to find out which firm the specialist works for, but to find out what other stocks are traded at the same post and handled by the same specialist.

    When you put in a symbol, it tells you that it's traded on the floor and gives the post and panel number, and that spot flashes on the floor map. You can then click on the location to see a list of all the stocks traded there. But for some stocks, it just says that it's traded on the floor, but doesn't give the location. What I want to know is, where does that stock trade and what other stocks is that specialist handling?
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    hope this helps
    tap.a=Fleet 14-L
    brk.b=Labranch 6-C
    I think you should be able to get a list of the stocks from this info
  10. All NYSE stocks are handled by a specialist on the NYSE. Regionals also trade NYSE stocks and they are called specialist too. But some of the popular NYSE stocks are traded in the 3rd market (Nasdaq) by 3rd market dealers or ECN's like Island. The executions on the 3rd market vary because the rules are different than exchange rules. They are usually seen as very loose on rules and regulations. Some like 3rd market dealers and ECN's and some don't like them. I think it just depends on what you are trying to do.

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