NYSE Margin Debt Hits Fresh Post-Lehman High

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  1. "The more margin buying the better. Dow 36,000 bitchez!. "


    As of the end of December, total NYSE margin debt of $276.6 billion hit a fresh post-Lehman high, as increasingly more investors continue to purchase securities on margin (i.e., debt).

    The $2.5 billion rise from November margin levels is the highest since September 2008, and $103 billion from the market lows of March 2009.

    That said, margin fever still has a way to go and it could easily reach the June 2007 all time high of $381 billion, a little over $100 billion from here.

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    Very Interesting, seems the greedy never learn, lets keep the margin coming, why not right, this is literally a RISK FREE market place anyway so what are they going to lose.... The more margin the better. I think they can run it up to $500 Billion by Mid 2011 at the rate the markets moving.
  3. Why not? Market only goes one way and margin interest in nominal. And you cant go short, its illegal now. I couldn't believe it yesterday when I heard Trichet say out loud that the reason he wouldn't support a haircut on bonds is that there are two types of investors, long and short, and you don't want to do anything that will benefit the shorts. Even if it what is supposed to be done. I guess the whole world has gotten on board the Bernake , no inflation, no worries, print money, train. Except for the people who can't eat or pay their utility bills. So what is happening in Egypt and North Africa coulld very well be a precursor to what willl happen all over the world, as the schism between the elite and the masses deepens and widens and revolution and violence will become the voice of the frustrated and exploited.

    Or maybe not.
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    The bernanke s&P is the closest thing to a sure bet , can't lose investment I have ever seen. I am flabbergasted how easy this has become. Is this what they call "the new paradigm"? Or, "it's different this time'?
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    The problems these morons (the Fed) are cauysing are there for most market players so see only too well.

    Look at the charts of many many shares, straight up in a 45' angle, with almost no retracements.

    This is causing one hell of an unlbalanced market, only longs no shorts. So there's NO natural buy orders underneath, NO buy orders.

    So when something hits the market that calls for a normal selloff (say 5%) this thing could dump and dump hard.

    If the Fed had any brains then they should try to manipulate the market higher but with plenty of retracements in between, that's the fatal error here, mark my words......
  6. Last night on Freedom Watch, Peter Schiff referred to The Bernank as a "Liar" and "Madman"...

    Has a lot to do with today's equity markets.

    IMO... the stage is being set for the next crash/collapse... and what's coming will be worse than prior ones.
  7. The market doesn't need natural buyers, it has the fed and a machine buying whenever it needs to.
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    agree. no risk. 100% up room to go! :)
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    Bernanke is a genius.
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    Not only is Bubble ben a liar and a madman but he knows how to create the most asset bubbles iin history, its happening right now and he thinks there is no inflation, hahahahahahaha, what a fucking fool he is!!!

    What is he going to pull out of his bag of magic tricks when the next collapse comes??
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