NYSE Liquidity Quote to start June 13

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  1. Reuters
    NYSE says LiquidityQuote to start June 13
    Tuesday June 10, 4:54 pm ET

    NEW YORK, June 10 (Reuters) - The New York Stock Exchange is finally poised on Friday to roll out a new market-data product designed to help institutions complete large trades.
    The No. 1 U.S. stock exchange said it will launch LiquidityQuote on June 13 for the 28 Dow Jones Industrial average (CBOT:^DJI - News) traded stocks listed on the NYSE.

    The NYSE was set to roll out LiquidityQuote in May. But following a complaint from financial information provider Bloomberg L.P., the Securities and Exchange Commission (News - Websites) delayed the launch, saying it had anti-competitive worries about restrictions the NYSE was imposing on the product.

    But in a letter dated June 6, the SEC reversed its decision, saying a delay would not serve the public interest and Bloomberg's business will not be irreparably harmed if the product is launched.

    The SEC could not be reached for comment. The NYSE declined to comment further. Bloomberg did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.

    LiquidityQuote will display firm, large-size quotes for an individual stock outside the best prices currently provided by the NYSE, giving investors more information on the depth of trading in a particular stock.

    Instead of seeing the best buy and sell price for stock XYZ, where there may be few shares to trade, LiquidityQuote will display another price that might not be as good as the best bid and offer, but where there would be thousands of shares of XYZ available to trade.

    While many welcomed the product, the NYSE faced criticism for insisting LiquidityQuote be distributed as a unique, branded product. Critics, including Bloomberg, complained that would give the NYSE an unfair advantage if it insisted the quotes could not be displayed with other market quotes.

    In early April, the SEC gave the NYSE approval for the product on condition it remove prohibitions keeping vendors from integrating the data with other market data.

    Bloomberg voiced concern the NYSE, despite accepting the conditions, was still imposing restrictions on vendors by, among other things, requiring vendors to visually differentiate liquidity quote data and get the exchange's approval for how the data was displayed.

    In its letter reversing the delay, the SEC said it was "troubled" by Bloomberg's allegations.

    "We expect the exchange to proceed in good faith and administer the service in a manner that is not anti- competitive," the SEC letter said, adding the differences between the NYSE and Bloomberg could be solved through "bilaterial negotiations."
  2. Just thought it was interesting that no one responded to this? Anyway just making sure traders are aware of it.... LiquidityQuote starts this Friday for the 28 DJIA stocks....

  3. It is interesting if anything. But why would an Inst. Show ANY size they didn't have to on a computer screen? Thats why they still use floor and two dollar brokers. Not to mention they already have AUTEX for big blocks.....:confused: Just another money maker for the big board.
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    It sounds like this is similar to Nasdaq's ADAP/Powerview, which i've come to see as pretty useless for scalping.