NYSE LIFFE Mini Gold... why?

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  1. Volume is garbage. Why do these things exist? Anyone trade them and prefer them over CME?
  2. check out eCbot mini Gold...pretty good volume and tight spreads...not like large Comex Gold but, the best mini Gold out there...
  3. confirmed
  4. TraDaToR


    nyseliffe metals = former ecbot metals
  5. Im not sure what you guys are talking about but YG is the most liquid mini gold contract. It was bought from ECBOT. I trade it along with GC in different accounts due to size of equity in account.

    It is definitely tradeable. :)

    JLN Metals Scorecard 9-Dec-09

    NYSE LIFFE US Total Volume 29,279

    100 oz. Gold Futures Volumes
    NYSE LIFFE US 6,212
    CME/NYMEX (Globex + PNT) 264,570
    CME/NYMEX Open Auction 3,103
    NYSE LIFFE market share 2.27%
    NYSE LIFFE US Electronic market share 2.29%

    100 oz. Gold Futures Open Interest
    CME/NYMEX 501,857
    NYSE LIFFE US 2,896
    NYSE LIFFE US market share 0.57%

    Mini Gold Volume
    NYSE LIFFE US 15,809
    CME/NYMEX miNY 770
    CME/NYMEX E-mini 96
    NYSE Liffe market share 94.81%
  6. thanks masterchanger...what is the spread ratio for mini Gold vs mini Silver?...could not find it...meaning, 2-3 contracts etc.?
  7. Sorry,
    But I'm not familar with the spread ratio.
    If I think I know what your asking....

    3YG=1GC, each tick in YG $3.32 vs $10 in GC