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  1. Hi guys,

    does anyone know what's going on with these prints 30 cents+ the NBBO. This is only on the NYSE.

    Chart patterns are not readable!

    Quotes are f'd up too!

    Does anyone have a clue?

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  2. I use eSignal, and most of the NMS prints are late. Sometimes 5 minutes or more, even though NMS stock trades are supposed to be reported within 90 seconds. So I've seen NMS prints 20-50+ cents off the current market, which gives you those wild, wide bars.

    I switched my charts to XYZ=N, so I only get the NYSE quotes. While this leaves some quotes/prints out, it's cleaned up the charts.
  3. Thanks a lot man,

    it works. Clear charts again.

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

  4. gella


    As i was told by 2 tech guys that issue with lots of prints on Third market way outside the NBBO was due to the Instinet guys flooding the tape with their delayed data.
  5. The NYSE is an embarrassment.
  6. B1010


    Is there a way to change the settings inside the properties or whatever of esignal to correct this problem.. Or do I have to type in XYZ=N every time I want to look at a new chart?
  7. Do you right click on a chart.

    Go to properties and check force suffix for all linked symbols = N to change that?
  8. B1010


    That sounds right but actually I just did that and watched an NMS print go by and show up on my chart. Are there certain other boxes that should be checked or unchecked under properties to get that to work. Not that this would make any difference but I use 3 min, 10min, 30 min charts.
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    I think this is working for me. The chart from the time i did that is looking a lot cleaner now. I guess that nms print showed up becuz it wasn't too far away or was the same price as the nyse prints.. I'll keep watching. Thanks for your help
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    What should be typed in under the box after checking "Force Suffix On All Linked Symbols"??

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