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  1. Has anyone heard any more good debates about the NYSE going to nickles and dimes rather than pennies? Having $100+ stocks trading on pennies is a bit absurd. I've heard the arguments that this would not lead to increased profits for traders, but for arb-style traders it would absolutely lead to increased profits.
  2. the current "5 cent rule" is ABSURD.......its the thing I hate most about NYSE and has contributed quite strongly imo to te strangulation of volatility.
  3. Could you please explain what this "5 cent rule" is? I've yet to speak with someone who knows what you're refering to.
  4. do you work in a deli?
  5. Is that supposed to help?
  6. it absolutely would increase traders profits!!!!!!!!!

    the only "5 cent rule" i know of has to due with direct plus, i.e. you can't hit/take a bid/offer that is more than 5 cents away from the last price.
  7. That must be specific to direct plus because it certainly isn't an NYSE rule. Perhaps grimer11 thinks it is.
  8. good luck in your next line of work.

  9. grimer...what are you talking about? 5 cent increments or the direct plus rule?
  10. Thanks grimer but we're making very good money on the NYSE.
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