NYSE imbalance offsetting MOC orders

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  1. Has anyone had any luck placing these after 15:40 (as allowed by the NYSE) to offset a buy/sell imbalance?


    I've been getting rejects, maybe a config problem? IB folks clueless so far.

    Or can anyone recommend other brokers that let you place imbalance-offsetting orders?
  2. foible


    I've called, e-mailed and opened dozens of chats with IB about that issue. They finally admitted that the problem is with their software which apparently hasn't been updated in two years. They tell me the only thing to do is to submit a request in their feature poll. (I think there are a couple requests already, please vote them up!)
  3. got it..tx...will vote in the feature poll then.

    in the meantime if anyone can recommend any brokers that have this feature currently please post here.
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    unless you have some kind of black box and access to extreme leverage how do you expect to make money on MOCs?
  5. I've been on them about this for two weeks solid now, since opening an account. The NYOB doesn't even work either. Tons of orders absent. It's pretty sad so far.
  6. zdreg,
    the answer is i don't know yet. need to test and research it. just noted that the execution capability isn't there now w IB.

    btw, if anyone has archived MOC imbalance data, even just for a couple of months, i'd be interested in it.

    I could pay or swap for historic intraday data or historic implied volatility (sp5 components)
  7. LOC worked just fine for me with IB, but it's quite different from MOC.

    LOC is the time-in-force type, while MOC is the order type.
  8. hmm, where you able to place this order on NYSE stocks after 3:40pm though (or after 3:50pm for NASDAQ)?

    Also, in my TWS LOC shows up in Order Type, not in the Time in Force field
  9. 1. Yes, I was since I was offsetting imbalance
    2. Although IB shows LOC in OrderType, it's TIF on FIX level. That's why IB handles it differently and probably have some bugs in mapping MOC orders, but not LOC.
  10. Got it, this is great insight, thank you.

    So did you send the order into IB via a FIX gatway? If so, just to confirm this was with TIF of LOC and order type MOC? Or TIF Day and order type LOC?

    I did try LOC on an imbalance stock yesterday but only once and maybe i was on the wrong side, plus this was in TWS.

    I mostly trade through the Excel DDE api so maybe this gives more flexibility.

    Any more detail on how you managed to get this to work would be much appreciated.
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