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  1. allright I am looking for a compulation of platforms that offer the new NYSE imbalance data feed that started in July. The new data feed updates imbalances every 5 seconds at the end of the day. So far I know the following
    Sterling wont have it for another 5 months
    Realtick does not offer it, as a viable business option
    REDI has it according to what Don Bright has posted in the OPG thread.

    I am looking for any other platforms that offer it that I can subscribe too. If you have it let me know. Others are waiting on this feature on sterling and they would also be interested in knowing.

    the new data feed is here, and no its not the old 3:40 and 3:50 pm indications. This is a feed that updates to the end of the day.

  2. can anyone please give me and other traders this information. It is pretty hard to track down who has what these days.
  3. I can confirm that REDI+ does have this info. I do not know of any other way aside from your trading platform that would provide this data.
    Maybe you can try to contact the NYSE to see if they can help you.
  4. contacted REDI directly and they do not do individual subs. also found out that esignal does not have the feed as well. Im still digging. I dont think others hear understand the advantage of having this information for OPG/MOC orders.
  5. anvil still doens't update
  6. laser has it - we just did a soft release that is awesome for imbs

    email me for demo - alexkravets@gndt.com
  7. Bob111


    is it possible to get the data into retail customer application via API or something?
    do you have nasdaq NOII as well?

    Thank you!