NYSE Hybrid Webinar

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  1. I found this webinar on the new system at the NYSE to be informative.

    NYSE Hybrid Webinar

    One question, what does he mean by: When you place an order through DOT your order will look on NYSE and then be routed to dark markets?

    What constitutes dark markets?

    P.S. Downloading the webinar didn't work for me, just choose the watch option.
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    Very good. Im bumping this so more people will see this presentation.

    Answered most of the questions I had.
  3. Can you answer mine?

    Will your order be passed through to places like ARCA, ISLD, etc to be filled if your price is not met on NYSE?

    So instead of placing multiple orders to get out and getting doubled-filled, you can place one order and have it search every book/market?

  4. It says I need a password

  5. "Dark Market" or "Dark Pools" are "hidden liquidity pools" such as Goldman or other institutions. We can't see the shares, but may get better pricing at times.

  6. Thanks for your answer Don.

    The password is hybrid1003.
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    Looks like some cool stuff will be implemented. I think I am going to like it a lot. We'll see how it affects my P&L. :D