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    How will the Hybrid Market specifically affect day traders? I know lots of day traders stopped being profitable when the Down-Tick Rule went into effect last year. Just wondering what you guys think will be the effect of this HYbrid Market in NYSE?
  2. Huh? This didnt happen. Some stocks became SHO stocks but there are still many that follow the uptick rule.

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    Like decimalization, nx, and sho, this will be another nail in the coffin of nyse tape-reading traders.
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    Please explain why this will hinder "tape-reading"?
  5. Anyone have any additional thoughts on the new hybrid model? I've been reading through the hybrid blog on the nyse website. There is a lot of new stuff coming with the hybrid market.

    There is a lot of mention of reserve quotes (hidden quotes) called equotes. These equotes won't show up on the openbook and thus are hidden from public view. I just hope that this doesn't kill the volatility. Most of the things I have read indicate that volume will increase under the hybrid market but no one's talking about volatility. I just hope it doesn't turn into a big chop fest with hidden orders everywhere. But then again I guess we only see limit orders on the book now so all the floor brokers orders, etc are 'hidden' from us...

  6. More volatility, :)

  7. With the merger with Archipelago a done deal, I think the answer to the NYSE Hybird = welcome to the NASDAQ :D :D :D
  8. the opg (opening order) game will be affected with more liquidity on arca and specialist not so involved on the open.

  9. yep, pretty much.
  10. several stocks have already gone hybrid
    its no big deal :D
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