NYSE Hybrid LRP's

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ndjeff7, Dec 7, 2006.

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    I haven't heard anyone discuss this yet, but what brokers have made the LRP's a part of their software? I know that it is now a part of the NYSE Alerts package (which includes imbalances, indications, etc) but I'm interested in hearing from any other NYSE traders if you guys have access to the LRP's on your software yet. Obviously with now hundreds of stocks going hybrid everyday it's something that we all should have.
  2. i wouldnt get too excited about it. the NYSE plans to cut it to 5 seconds asap as well as widen the ranges asap, within the lrp it will be the only time your market orders will reach the specialist, but dont hold your breath.....
  3. The software I use (Blackwood) has them within the quotes and they recalculate themselves as needed so I dont have to do anything on my own.

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    What do you mean that they are within the quotes? Are they just on top of the L2 box somewhere or are they actually amongst the quotes with all the market makers?
  5. They are amongst the quotes in the market maker box and they move along with the current price.
  6. here is a screen shot of RYL