NYSE, here we go again

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Rigel, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. Rigel


    Placed a limit order this morning to buy 600 sh
    Because of two years of hard work I had an idea where the bottom might be.
    Fifteen minutes later the price dropped beneath my offer by 2 pennies and printed about 10 times, which took about a minute and then back up it went. The whole time I'm checking for a fill and guess what? I never got one. The price is now up 5%.
    Here's the deal. The specialist wanted to sell it down to scare people out of their shares but he didn't want to bother with all that pesky price support underneath (mine and others) so he just ignored the orders.
    And so it goes with the NYSE.
  2. they have to fill you if it traded through your price on the nyse.what route did you use and what stock was it.what time was it? we can look and see if you got screwed.
  3. Rigel


    Don't want to get into specifics but I DID get screwed.
    I've got T&S, etc. and there is no doubt.
    My broker agrees with me and they're following up. You've got to watch these guys. That's why I prefer NASDAQ.
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  5. thats a silly statement.like no one ever gets screwed on the naz.i trade nyse every day and can say i have never not got filled when i was due a fill.often i get a better price than i wanted.try that with naz.
  7. Tea


    Price improvement on the NYSE......
    They artificially increase the spread by 50% and then occasionally give you a 50% price improvement discount......such a deal!

    Until the SEC opens up the NYSE like they did the Nasdaq - I would either get used to using market orders or avoid NYSE stocks.
  8. If your order was in for awhile and he printed under your price you should've gotten the fill. If that's the case, they should call the floor, and they should give you the stock. But if you put in your order right before the fill below your price, then your out of luck, cause the specialist had the stock filled before your order.
  9. learn how to trade using the spread to your advantage.
  10. Rigel


    It's just the opposite and you know it.
    In thousands of NASDAQ trades not once have I never gotten filled.
    In about 50 NYSE trades I haven't gotten filled about 5 times (tradethroughs).
    Not to mention stepping away.
    You're a lying SOB.
    Typical NYSE honesty. :(
    How's this for a novel idea. Try making a fair market..

    ps.- I got my fill. :D
    #10     Nov 15, 2002