NYSE flooded with water

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  1. I got a call from a bud- he says the floor @#$(@*( flooded.

    Why are they not prepared for this! Where are the sand bags?

    I can only imagine how the servers are holding through the water. I guess we will find out if the post 9/11 off site servers really work!


  2. Already debunked.
  3. WD40


  4. Good.....that report made it all the way to the AP!!!
  5. well, they just need a high frequency clean up. :cool:

    yeah, i made the wall street joke of the year!
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    that's Hoboken path station.
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    Do you really believe the trading floors of ANY of the exchanges are located on ground level?
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    By Andrew Tangel

    October 30, 2012, 7:22 a.m.
    Major stock exchanges are testing their systems in preparation to reopen Wednesday after Hurricane Sandy forced trading to halt on Wall Street.

    The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq were allowing brokerage firms to run tests on their platforms early Tuesday.

    If the NYSE's physical trading floor doesn't reopen Wednesday, the exchange's all-electronic platform, Arca, would operate if markets open.

    NYSE Euronext, the exchange's operator, denied reports that flooding in Lower Manhattan had inundated its trading floor with three feet of water.

    "We stress that, as of now, there has been no damage to the NYSE Euronext NYC headquarters that would impair trading-floor operations," NYSE Euronext said in an alert to traders late Monday.
  9. Believe? Why would I not know that they are above "ground level" (proper word is sea level :)) if I live near Wall Street during the summer months.....

  10. How? Can we confirm it is open tmrw?
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