NYSE Fee Changes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by USAtrader, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Effective March 1, pending a filing with the Securities and Exchange
    Commission, the New York Stock Exchange will incorporate a rebate of $0.0010
    per share for adding liquidity in displayed and nondisplayed orders, with a
    transaction fee of $0.0018 per share for removing liquidity.

    The electronic NYSE Arca platform, meanwhile, will raise its preexisting
    rebate and transaction fee rates to $0.0029 and $0.0020 per-share,
    respectively, for securities listed on NYSE and Nasdaq OMX (NDAQ).
  2. gaj


    just wondering, i should watch their fees more closely yet don't...
  3. If you do volume it adds up. My commish/fees, for better or for worse,would seem a pretty substantial income to 99.x % of Americans. Manage it like you would a cost of doing business.

    :( :( :(
  4. oriol88


    and this is what they call reducing margin...
  5. So the NYSE take fee more than doubled... That stinks - I guess thats why the added the new rebate to try and offset the huge spike in take fee?

  6. I add liquidity in over 95% of my transactions so for me its a good thing or at least it appears that way.