NYSE expects all U.S. stocks to have circuit breakers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bob111, May 20, 2010.

  1. Bob111



    this is a f* nonsense...2% down-halt :confused:

    how to f* we are going to trade today for example? how to hell will we know, which one is halted,which one is not? what about free markets? disgusting..
  2. Daal


    Heck during a crash all S&P500 members might have a 2% decline limit to prevent 'unpatriotic selling of american securities'
  3. ALL? there are some thinly traded shit arnd...anyway its a bad precedent.

    i think its time to riot:mad:
  4. 2%. Maybe they should have 2% drop and then halt for the whole day, all the RTM daytraders will go bankrupt
  5. Bob111


    to top it off-why there absolutely nothing about spike up? common SEC! you have to be fair for both sides..why all of sudden selling is bad and buying is good? ah....i forgot...walmart mentality..it's unpatriotic to sell..selling short-it's a financial terrorism and retail folks should be in jail for it..
  6. What a bunch of crock!
    Wall Street has always had circuit breakers and curbs in. They just chose not to use them on May 6. That's the real conspiracy.